Introduction to Virtual AGM

As the pandemic hit worldwide, companies and associations had no other option besides conducting every meeting virtually. This is where the role of Virtual AGM (Virtual Annual general meeting) comes. A meeting may be conducted by organizations, associations, and companies with their directors, business partners, employees, or stakeholders on an online platform. However, moving to an online platform from a traditional offline meeting or traditional AGM requires a change in mindset, and it was not considered legal in earlier times. Yet, as situations changed, virtual AGM was the only option.

Virtual AGM versus other online meetings

The conventional solutions like normal video conferencing or webinars may not be enough as they do not have certain auditing capabilities. In contrast, AGM’s require a lot more features to conduct the meeting successfully.

Some of the required features by Virtual AGM are:

  • Online polls and voting
  • Registration and invite options
  • User audits and attendance tracking
  • Activities for engagement of users
  • Notification and reminder
  • Live as well as post-event analysis
  • Document and suggestion management
  • Content and video streaming

Apart from all these features, a few AGMs also have security elements to avoid the risk of data manipulation.

How should a smooth sailing virtual AGM be?

For a smoothly running AGM, the whole process from starting to end should be well planned. Starting with the registration and invitation process, the organizations should be able to send email invites using the already available templates or be given the option to customize invites. It needs to support auditing and tracking so that the data collected can be submitted to government authorities. Online polling and voting should be just a few click processes, whose stats can immediately be presented. At last, they should be able to present content in all formats and support video streaming too.

Is Virtual AGM worth considering?

The answer to this question is definitely yes as that is our only option in this difficult time. Also, as discussed, Virtual AGM has a lot more features for you than any other meeting wherein you are restricted to struggle with constraints of the meeting platforms.

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