Florida is a great place to fish for anglers who enjoy catching big fish. This state has many game fish that anglers love to catch. Here are the top ten Florida fish.

Tarpon This is a fish that’s prized primarily for its fighting ability, but not for its food value. It can be found in all Florida waters. They are also tolerant to many salinities.

Sailfish- This official saltwater fish for Florida is found in subtropical and tropical water. They can travel alone or in small groups. Their distinctive feature is their long, dorsal fin. This fish is well-known for its ability to perform high jumps, acrobatics and is a favorite of anglers fishing in blue waters.

Speckled Trout This schooling species, also known as the spotted trout, is often found in shallow bays and estuaries. The upper jaw is adorned with two large canine teeth. It eats small baitfish and shrimp from the grassy areas.

Snook- These fish are very sensitive to changes in water temperature and can be found in Florida’s warm waters. This fish is strong and voracious, and can eat your fishing line.

Red Drum – They are also known as redfish. They live in shallow brackish or salt water in schools. Although it doesn’t have chin barbels, it does have a longer body to distinguish it from other black drums. It also has one or more large, black spots right before its tail.

Largemouth bass, This fish is considered Florida’s freshwater fish and has an international reputation. Anglers travel from all parts of the world to fish this fish. This base will eat almost anything, even baby squirrels and baby ducks.

Panfish- This general term refers to a variety of fish such as bluegills and redear sunfish. These fish are caught by many young anglers using poppers, popping bugs, worms and spinner baits.

Grouper This is the generic name for species that live in deep waters. Most anglers are familiar with them, with the red and gag groupers being the most popular. They can often be caught in shallower waters with artificial lures when the weather is cool.

Snappers These fishes are an offshore species. They can be found in water between 60 and 440 feet deep. The red snapper is a well-known species. It’s pink to orange in color. It has an anal fin with a pointed tip that allows it to be distinguished from other snappers. The waters of Florida are home to red snapper, which is highly prized and delicious.

Mackerels This fish family also includes the Spanish mackerel (which is smaller). These fish are found in the Atlantic Ocean’s western portion, from Maine to Rio de Janeiro.

The article was written by a professional charter captain at Salty Knots Fishing Charters with 15+ years of experience in the Gulf of Mexico. https://stpetersburgfishingcharters.com/ is a local fishing charter service based out of St. Pete Beach, Florida. “We know what it takes to catch a giant trophy fish!”

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