Movies are a part of works of literature. They reflect the society we’re living in. Streaming movies online remains the only option where we can get the movies of the past, present, and future predicting ones. Trying to reach these movies offline can hardly bear fruits due to storage limitations. Therefore, the only place to get any genre of your choice is online. YouTube has been the main source of movies. However, if you are a movie lover, you’ll notice that the best movies, series, or trending movies occur as trailers. They refer you to a certain page where you can get the whole movie. This article will highlight three top sites where you can ดูหนังออนไลน์ at a friendly cost.

  1. Netflix
  2. Now TV
  3. Mubi


If you’ve been using YouTube as your movie source, you must have come across this term, even if you don’t know its meaning. However, today we’ll tear the terms into pieces. Netflix is an old but reliable online movie streaming site. Once you sign in, you’re given a thirty-day free trial whereby you’ve to pay 5.99 USD monthly as your subscription fee. The movies are organized chronologically beautifully. They are grouped in terms of genres and sorted alphabetically. This site has the best movie collections with high definitions.

Now TV

Just like Netflix, newbies are welcomed with thirty-day free trial usage followed by a monthly fee of 7.99 USD. This price indicates that it offers better navigation for streaming which is well organized. The quality of the videos you’ll be getting depends on your pockets. At 3.99 USD you can get a kids option while at 8.99 USD has a good entertainment pass. However, the only drawback behind this site is its cost especially if you are to combine entertainment and kid’s option.


This is a special Netflix site which similarly operates like it. After the one money free trial offer, $9.99 charges are done monthly to subscribers. This site is intelligently set that it can’t contain or accept silent movies. Mubi has a wide range of movies which are collected from different languages and cultures in the world. The language barrier is no longer an adverse effect of streaming online since Mubi exposes you to different cultural ethnicities all over the world. Mubi is daily adding to its movie library new movie catalogs and files, to make sure it’s up to date and fitting to today’s evolving world.


There exist hundreds of streaming sites which we can’t go through them in a single article. However, I’ve presented to you the topmost recommended sites where you’ll be welcomed by a free four-week bonus. Then a friendly cost fee will be charged monthly. This fee can’t be compared with the one you get when purchasing these movies over the counter shops or even paying a TV subscription to movie sites. Netflix solves your movie urge.

Now TV considers the audience in need. You can subscribe for entertainment or just for kids. The choice is yours. In case your language isn’t English, you’ll not miss a movie to your preferred culture and language in Mubi.

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