Often, garage door maintenance is overlooked. But maintaining it at least twice a year and some seasonal inspection of the door is a must to make it last longer. In addition, neglecting the proper functioning of the garage door means putting a lot of stress on the automatic garage door opener. However, hiring professionals for garage door maintenance Texas in the early spring and late fall can save time and money.

So, along with other seasonal activities, make hiring professionals for garage door maintenance a habit. Given below are some tips which if followed, will help the garage doors experience easy movement.

  1. Watch and listen to the door in operation

Often, problems in the garage door occur due to sudden jerking, which produces a disturbing scraping sound. In contrast to a problematic garage door, a well-maintained garage door is comparatively quiet while moving. Nevertheless, check out if there are any jerkiness while moving the door to and fro. Also, pay attention to the symmetries of pulleys, springs, and cables.

  1. Clear the tracks

On both sides of the door, check out the tracks to ensure they are free from debris and dirt. In this case, rust is also a problem that does not allow the doors to move quickly. To confirm whether the tracks are plumb, a level can also be used along the vertical sections. In case of significant track adjustments, a professional is required.

  1. Tighten the hardware

Since the garage door gets moved up and down innumerably in a year, it might get loosened up due to the constant vibration. Take a look at the brackets that hold the door tracks to the ceiling and the wall. Also, pay attention to the fasteners that anchor the garage door unit into a strong frame.

  1. Inspect and replace the rollers

Twice a year, the rollers present at the side of the garage door should be inspected and replaced every five to seven years. While checking, throw off the rollers that have become chipped, cracked, or have worn out. Removing these rollers is not a difficult task, as simply removing the brackets is enough.

  1. Check the cables and pulley

Further, the cables and pulleys attached to the bottom of the roller brackets should be inspected. Through the presence of these pulleys, the connection between the door and the springs is made, which helps to lower and lift the door safely.

  1. Lubricate the moving parts

To reduce stress and an irritating sound, it is essential to oil the rollers and the other moving parts of the garage door. Use high-quality spray lubricant and wipe off the excess. Even after spraying lubricant, use a penetrating solution if any part of the garage door still gets stuck.

  1. Test the door balance

To make a garage door last long, make sure it is adequately balanced by its springs. In addition, the door should not take too much effort to open. Instead, it should remain in place without any manual intervention.


Once inspection of all the garage door parts is done, now it is time to paint it. For better garage door maintenance in Texas, one can hire professionals.

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