Graduations mark important educational milestones and your educational achievements. Is your big day finally here? Are you excited to share with friends and loved ones? Mark your memorable occasion by getting your custom graduation cards that can showcase your whole story. The unique graduation cards allow you to showcase the colors of the school you were attending and your color theme for your graduation party. Besides that, you can also use graduation cards to appreciate all the people that helped along the way. Are you looking for more room to share your graduation story? Mixbook has you covered.

If you are in the market for a customized graduation card, Mixbook is here for you.

Designing the perfect graduation card

Mixbook offers you what you need to customize your graduation card. This includes dateless cards that leave room for flexibility to change. Traditional graduation cards are a little bit too bland; that’s why we allow you to create something that suits you. You can also incorporate your favorite photos, quotes, or sayings. Graduation cards are a great way to celebrate with family, friends, and fellow students. A graduation card can be either for graduation invitation or announcement, without limiting its use.

Any design you will choose for your card, Mixbook can create it, be it in either portrait or landscape orientation. Additionally, we allow you to choose from a wide variety of fonts, filters, and frames. You can also choose your card to be a flat card or a folded one. If you create the perfect graduation card, it will always serve as a reminder of the event. The designs we are offering you are merged with your ideas and will result in a great graduation card that you can frame and display in the house. Our graduation cards range from kindergarten, pre-school, high school, to college graduations.

Graduation Announcement Styles

There are four different graduation announcement styles you can choose from:

  •       Rustic graduation announcement, this style involves the use of natural elements like leaves and flowers as part of the card.
  •       Classic graduation announcements give you a chance to come up with an adaptable and clean design.
  •       Modern graduation announcement, use this style if you want minimal details surrounding the graduation announcement and party using contemporary fonts throughout the card.
  •       Traditional graduation announcement, for people who want to use a formal font to announce all the graduation information. They often feature the script format for the graduation.

Talk To Us

Marking a significant piece of your achievements is important. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make your big day special; with Mixbook, you are guaranteed to have a memorable occasion marked by a special personalized graduation card. Leave your guest’s and family’s minds blown by the story told by your graduation card.

At Mixbook, we believe in client satisfaction and follow the best quality results provisions. If you are interested in personalized grad card services, search no more, you are in the right place.

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