Non-Toxic Eyebrow Tint For Individuals With Traditional Hair Color Sensitivity

Looking good makes a huge impression on someone even before they approach or seek to engage in any form of conversation. Dressing up and ensuring that their make-up gets well done sends a solid message to the public, boosting an individual’s confidence. Godefroy Beauty provides innovative beauty products that aim to increase individuals’ outward appearance, enabling them to look the best version of themselves. The company has grown over the many years; it has been in service to become the leading manufacturer of high quality and unique beauty products for consumers and salon professionals. One of the companies driving factors is its mission to create market-driven and amazing beauty supply products which provide the most value to its customers, and it has played a massive role in its growth.

One of the products produced in the instant eyebrow tint is a three-application kit of natural plant-based dye. The product enables users to improve their eyebrow game with an all-natural tint, which is easy to use and cruelty-free. The characteristics make it an excellent alternative for individuals with traditional hair color sensitivity and those seeking a naturally-based hair tint.

Benefits of the product

The eyebrow tint gets formulated using plant extracts, a fast-acting and gentle formula that delivers a rich and long-lasting color lasting up to six weeks. Additionally, the product has gone through clinical tests that certify it to be safe for use; hence users get assured of no side effects such as rashes and skin damage which are some of the significant issues from beauty products. Also, the product is fast and effective, with visible results in less than two minutes of application. The ability of the product to last three to four weeks after application eliminates the need for constant salon trips and penciling eyebrows. Once applied, users wake up daily with great eyebrows within the specified period, after which application becomes necessary again.

Product Ingredients

The eyebrow tint gets made from natural ingredients divided into cream colorant and gel activators. The product uses a non-toxic formula containing no hydrogen peroxide or synthetic dyes, enhancing its safety. Some of the cream colorants used include water, alcohol Denat, and Acacia Catechu Heartwood. On the other hand, for the gel activator, the ingredients used include water, silver nitrate, ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate/ VP copolymer and Ammonia. The ingredients mix evenly to give the user the desired look and feel they deserve when they apply it.

Allergy test

It is vital to conduct an eyebrow tint allergy test to determine if the skin is reactive to the product before using it. The process begins with a small squeeze of solution number one on the applicator stick and applying it to the inside of the arm. The process gets repeated with solution number two and leaves the application to rest for around two minutes before wiping them clean. After which, wait for forty-eight hours to check for any signs of irritation before proceeding with the application. However, it is vital to make sure that the user doesn’t apply the product if there’s any irritation.

Application procedure

The application procedure begins with preparing the brows, which starts with a thorough wash using soap and water and leaving it to dry. A thin coat of petroleum jelly can get applied to prevent the skin from accidental staining, ensuring that complete care is taken not to use any petroleum jelly on the eyebrows as it may avoid the coloring process. After which, the entire solution one and two get squeezed into the marked circles on the workstation card without mixing them. One thing to note is to ensure that tinting gets done on one eyebrow at a time to allow the color to process entirely before doing the other eyebrow. An applicator stick enables the user to apply solution one on the eyebrows, leaving it for two minutes, then gently blot drying it with a tissue. The application stick then gets wiped clean and used to apply solution number two directly on the eyebrow, leaving it to rest for one minute before wiping it clean with a damp tissue. The color on the skin should get removed with a wet tissue.

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