The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many businesses closing during the past year. Luckily, like many others among the best moving companies in Toronto ON, at Let’s Get Moving, we managed to continue operating in Toronto and the GTA. But in order to do so, we had to adjust some services and take the proper precautions. Preventing the spread of the virus while providing excellent moving services became our topmost priority. Here is how moving during COVID is like, from the point of view of one of the best moving companies in Toronto ON.

Moving companies are fully  operational

Or at least most of them are. The best moving services in Toronto managed to adjust their services and procedures in no time, back in March 2020. We are in line with hospitals, pharmacies, public transport, and other essential services. Therefore, we were able to operate at all times. After all, moving is a real necessity and not a fad. Moreover, moving companies have the resources and know-how needed to provide logistical support for delivering supplies and equipment. At Let’s Get Moving, we adjusted our policies and processes in the shortest time. Once the WHO declared a pandemic, we consulted with specialists in public health and with doctors. This helped us make the best decisions towards keeping our staff and customers healthy. We are confident that all the best moving companies in Toronto ON did the same.

You can move during COVID

Of course, just like you would do when you get into an Uber, there are rules you need to follow. But moving during COVID is possible as long as you follow those recommendations. The best moving companies in Toronto ON provide their services just like before, in order to maintain the city functioning properly. The differences are the protection measures, as well as some guidelines we all share with our customers. These are meant to keep everyone safe at all times during the move. Moreover, at Let’s Get Moving, we like to keep our customers well informed in regards to how we plan to ensure their safety during the moving process. What you need to know is that the best moving companies in Toronto ON will provide the same services they used to. Whether you need residential movers, commercial movers, piano movers, or last-minute movers in Toronto, you can find them. Make sure you also protect them by following the recommended precautions!

Health and safety precautions taken by movers

While we are confident that the best moving services in Toronto are doing the same, we cannot guarantee for everyone. Therefore, we will stick to explaining what and how we do in order to ensure the safety of our customers and crews. First of all, we communicate effectively with customers about the safety measures, requesting them to follow them. From keeping the safety distance to wearing masks, everything is important. We limit the sizes of our crews to five movers, all of which wear masks and nitride gloves. Of course, they all wash and sanitize their hand frequently. We disinfect our trucks, moving supplies, and office spaces after every move or customer interaction. Not least, we require movers and customers to inform us in case they show symptoms or have been in contact with someone infected with COVID.

Recommendations for customers

Asides from the standard regulations at a national and international level, there are some other recommendations we have for our customers. The first is to avoid having everyone in the house at the same time, together with the movers. After all, you only need one designated person to supervise the job and cooperate with the movers. The second is to keep the surfaces clean and sanitized, as much as possible. Pay special attention to doorknobs, keys, mobile phone – everything that is touched all the time. Keeping soap, towels, and a disinfectant in hand would just make the best moving companies in Toronto love you. Remember, we are in this together. We should all contribute to keeping each other safe.

Stay calm

This is not one of the most pleasant situations we have encountered over the years. And we believe we speak on behalf of all of the best moving companies in Toronto here. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed everyone’s lives. Hopefully, things will get better soon. Until then, we all do the best we can to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe. The best to do here is to stay calm and follow the recommendations. We can do it together.

Once you start planning your move, keep in mind all these recommendations. They will make life easier for everyone involved. And don’t forget to hire one of the best moving companies in Toronto. This way, you ensure the professionalism you need. And, of course, the movers will help keep you and your family safe.

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