Internet has changed the course of marketing, and brands have no choice but to allocate a major chunk of their budget to online advertising and marketing. For most companies, outsourcing their requirements to one of the advertising agencies in Singapore makes sense, because they can get the expertise and experience, but for a lot less money. That said, selecting the right advertising agency is critical. Below are some basic aspects to consider.

Don’t fall for those gimmicks

Digital marketing is comprehensive, and all components – SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, SEM – matter equally. Don’t select an advertising agency because they promised some great things in their email. For instance, some companies still assure clients a top spot in Google in a week. Be aware of the red flags, and don’t believe anything that sounds too good to be true.

Ask for an estimate, but after the first meeting

It’s appalling to know that marketing agencies still sell those so-called-cheap packages to clients. Online marketing must be a customized process for every website, regardless of size and niche. As such, don’t rush for an estimate immediately. Instead, insist on that first meeting, where the advertising agency should take active interest in your brand goals. Only when they are aware of the scope of the project, you can expect an estimate.

Find more on strategy

Just knowing the marketing mix is not enough to work with an advertising agency. Clients need to take active interest in the work that these agencies do. Consider knowing their practices and strategies, because if they do anything wrong, you won’t be able to charge them in the first place. An experienced marketing firm is the one that always keeps a track of trends and is around to take questions.

Shortlist a few known advertising agencies now!

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