If you started out on a small website and now you ponder about raising its capabilities, you can still get more out of your australian dedicated servers even without upgrading them. You should note that dedicated servers would offer you with more power among other benefits. Here are some of the ways of getting more utility out of your dedicated servers:

You will need to adjust your priority settings.

Adjusting your server is one of the easiest ways of optimising your server. When you do this, it will allow you to take control of the order in which your server will be able to carry out specific task. In most cases, you will find most servers running at a normal priority. You will able to change some of these settings to high. Doing this will enable you to reduce the loading times. It will also enable you to cut down on overall latency.

You will need to Optimise JavaScript Delivery.

One of the reasons why you could be experiencing lags in page loading is because of the Java script. To get more utility out of your cheap dedicated servers you will need to optimise your java script. You should note without the optimisation of your dedicated servers most of them would stop. You can change the setting to defer to accelerate the loading of your Java Script. The good news is that the process can also be completed for CSS, and it is something that will improve the load time.

You should make security a top priority.

You should note that security could have a major impact on the speed as well as performance of your server.  Therefore, you should not overlook it. If you do, it will just be a matter of time before your site is compromised.  Certain instances such as DDoS attacks will slow down your page loading times. It is something that will compromise the security of your server. On top of that, you will need to consider a Proxy.  This will provide you with a peace of mind and will ensure that all your files have been saved. The second advantage of using a Proxy server is to ensure that you will have back up files in case your site is compromised.  This will enable you to keep all your files running smoothly. You can customise your dedicated server. Customising your server is an effective method of optimisation.  When it comes to customising your server, you will need to be knowledgeable in the field. You should know beforehand that you would need to have some practical aspects of customisations.

You can get more utility from your fast dedicated server by making security a top priority. You will also need to optimise your JavaScript delivery, and adjust your priority settings. The good news is that today you will get more information about upscaling your server. You can get help from many tutorial as well as guides available online today for a wide range of hosting needs.

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