The health benefits associated with climbing mountains have been documented very well. People who have climbed mountains have had a lot of good stories to tell regarding how climbing benefited their health. In this article, I intend to look at the advantages that are associated with climbing mountains with the hopes of motivating you to get involved.

Physical health benefits associated with climbing

When you climb a mountain, there are several muscle groups in your body, both lower and upper, that are involved in the exercise. You get to exercise your arms, shoulders, and fingers as well as muscles in your legs, abdominal, and back. When you make it a habit to exercise on a regular basis, you will have improved strength, stamina, and endurance. Your agility and flexibility will also be improved from all the reaching and stretching that is involved in climbing. Since you have to get out of your comfort zone and walk to the mountain or hill you wish to climb, you get involved in a good level of aerobic exercise.

The minute you leave your home and head for the mountains, your life changes in so many ways. By the time you get back from the adventure, you will have improved in so many ways. Some people get over their fears and find new ways of being better human in their personal lives and careers. A good example of someone who overcame their fears and became better in their lives after climbing a mountain is Bo Parfet. This is a guy with a very motivating story behind his very existence that I feel that many people need to emulate.

 Mental health benefits and wellbeing associated with mountaineering

Climbing mountains is not all physical. There is a mental component that is involved that makes the adventure worth it even more. When you climb a mountain, your self-esteem is improved a lot. Climbing is not an easy thing to achieve because there are a lot of physical obstacles that one needs to overcome and when they do, there is a feeling of self-worth that accompanies the achievement. Thus, one’s self-esteem can be boosted a lot because they will know that they can also achieve something as hard as climbing a mountain.

As you climb a mountain and your mind is taken off daily activities and problems, you get relieved a lot. Thus, mountaineering is a great stress-reliever. The amount of stress you went up a mountain feeling will be reduced when you come down. In fact, your mind will be cleared a lot so that you can think more clearly and come up with creative solutions to your problems.

Benefits of being close to nature

When you get out there in the wilderness, you see nature from a different point of view and the need to respect and preserve the environment starts to make sense to you at a different level. Imagining someone destroying the freshness that nature gives us for free motivates you to stand up and speak against destruction of nature while engaging in efforts to preserve it.

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