Construction accidents are on the rise in Philadelphia, with some construction sites reporting more than one accident per week. Dangerous work environments, lack of safety training for new hires, and company-wide negligence have contributed to this alarming trend. A new law has been passed by City officials that will require construction companies to adhere to strict safety standards in order to improve the situation on-site. However, if you or your loved ones have been injured in a workplace accident, don’t forget to consult Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys to discuss workers’ rights at workplaces.

Let us for now see the most common accidents reported in construction sites in Philadelphia.

  • Scaffold accidents

On the construction site, scaffold accidents are one of the most common accidents reported. Scaffolds can be found on any construction site, and while they are necessary for performing tasks at various levels or heights, many accidents take place on them. According to Philadelphia’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there were 53 scaffold accidents reported in the last year alone.

  • Roofing accidents

Every year, roofing accidents cause hundreds of injuries and fatalities. Despite the extensive safety precautions taken by contractors and workers, there is still a significant number of injuries and fatalities. All too often, these accidents happen when a worker falls from a ladder or steps off the edge of a roof to access something below, when no guardrail is in place to stop the fall.

  • Crane accidents

Since Philadelphia is always expanding, construction sites are often in short supply. As a result, many crane operators are forced to work on difficult terrain in order to get the job done. Unfortunately, these rare situations often lead to accidents due to the height of the cranes and the small space between construction workers and vehicles.

  • Falls from height

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of fatal falls from height occurring on construction sites in the Philadelphia area. These accidents can be attributed to a number of factors, including being improperly safety harnessed and not wearing a hard hat. Additionally, safety regulations have been watered down over time as construction companies try to cut costs and increase profits.

  • Trench collapses

Construction sites in Philadelphia are not immune to the dangers of a collapsed trench. The trenches present a danger to workers and passers-by alike, as they can be dangerous due to their depth and lack of support. Workers should use extreme caution when working in trenches, as they often have sharp objects such as building materials or metal shards present. 

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