Despite the potentially fulfilling thought of changing your bathroom, renovations of any scope are no pleasure cruise. Fortunately, with a little bit of preparation and reasonable aspirations, a bathroom remodel can be quite hassle-free, irrespective of whether you want to do it under your own steam or turn to professional help.

Planning a bathroom project? Keep your laser-like focus on exceptional functionality and serenity, as well as practicality and, ideally, a touch of luxury. There’s a treasure trove of aspects to pay attention to, from mirror choice to flooring and the best tile saw review you intend on basing your DIY project on — and the cost of it all can be overwhelming.

So, if you’d like to know where to start and what to know before you get the whole thing going, you’re welcome to explore this post from our team of experts. With our handy tips and hacks, your chances of transforming your bathroom remodeling dream into a beautiful reality get a mighty boost.

Before we proceed, here’s a brief outline of what you should concentrate on while completing your bathroom-remodel mission:

  • tub or shower;
  • best tile types;
  • excellent toilet placement;
  • storage, storage, storage;
  • flattering lighting;
  • top-notch color choice;
  • reliable ventilation;
  • bells and whistles that suit your lifestyle.

1. Choose Between a Tub or a Shower

Getting started is the most challenging part of a remodel. Crunching the numbers in terms of how much money you’re ready to invest is a definite must-do. The total cost will depend on such factors as the size of your bathroom, the quality of materials you’ll opt for, as well as whether it’ll be a DIY or hire-a-pro project.

One of the vital questions to ask yourself at the very beginning is ‘How do I want the place to function?’ Is it going to be a shower or tub? Perhaps you’re interested in both? Plan out the preferred layout and decide on the desired elements at the earliest stage of your bathroom upgrade.

2. Narrow Down Your Tile Choice

Tile-wise, you only need to choose between a few major varieties. Focus on tile samples that boast exceptional durability and timelessness, such as porcelain, cement, natural stone, glass, and subway tile. These time-tested tile types are what you should choose from — while settling for the best color and shape for your needs along the way.

3. Don’t Make the John Pop

Imagine seeing the toilet every time you or your guests walk by your occasionally open bathroom doors. Does that sound aesthetically pleasing? Not at all. If the john is the first thing you see when you walk into the room, it’s going to kill all the spa-like vibe you’re planning to ultimately create. With that said, make anything but the toilet the focal point of your about-to-be-remodeled bathroom.

4. Add Sufficient Storage

Storage is not everything, but it’s really a lot. Considering every storage option you have is crucial, particularly if you’re planning to remodel a small bathroom. Add shelves over the toilet for storing towels, candles, and toiletries. Ensure your vanity cabinet has multiple drawers, too. Incorporating multiple storage opportunities is sure to boost your bathroom’s convenience and practical appeal.

5. Sort Out Flattering Lighting

Your bathroom lighting needs careful planning, so installing a few lights and calling it a day is definitely not enough. If you’re focused on the most time-, energy-, and finance-saving option, opt for a single diffuse light in the very center of the ceiling. If your bathroom is naturally filled with light, incorporate several wall sconces. Considering recessed lighting? Do not install it straight over light-shade countertops, for they will reflect the lights. Are you a makeup lover? Then you’ll need vertical fluorescent light textures on either side of your bathroom mirror.

6. Choose the Best-Suiting Colors

After settling on the design and functionality of your bathroom, it’s time to decide on the preferred color palette and finishes. If your bathroom square footage is lacking, opt for neutral colors with little to no contrast. The thing is, contrasting shades are good at defining the boundaries and thus emphasizing the small size of your bathroom. If you’re focused on vibrant colors, you’re free to use them to your preference. However, neutral shades are known to make any small room look lighter and spacier.

7. Don’t Neglect Ventilation

Developing mold and mildew is the last thing you want after investing a hefty amount of money in your new bathroom. Therefore, even having a bathroom window doesn’t mean you need to forget about refining your post-remodel ventilation. Stick with a modern, subtle bathroom ceiling fan that will excel in exhausting all the damp air outside without weighing the room down with bulkiness.

8. Incorporate High-End Features That Suit Your Needs

Smart showers, non-slip floors, drawer charges, heated flooring… Those are some of our absolute trends that both increase your home value for resale and skyrocket your lifestyle to stardom. Delve deep into the topic of modern bathroom extras to make your space special and consider which of them you’d like your new bathroom to flaunt.

Bottom Line: Ready for the Upgrade?

At the end of the day, how you’ll remodel your bathroom will depend on such factors as your daily routine, your budget, your taste, how much storage you need, and how many people will use the space. Despite all the potential difficulties and challenges, a bathroom remodel is a wonderful opportunity to elevate your home comfort to a brand new level. Approaching the endeavor with sufficient planning and calculations is key.

Now that you’ve explored our expert tips, you are ready to move forward with your remodel plans and start making them a reality. To study the topic is to be able to make confident, informed decisions and stick with the best-suiting options within your budget. In this case, you are bound to succeed. Have anything to add on the topic? Leave a reply in the comments below and get the discussion going. We appreciate your feedback greatly.

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