CenturyLink is a telecommunication technology company that started way back in 1930. Now, CenturyLink is responsible for offering a wide variety of services to its customers all across the globe. However, in the USA, CenturyLink is known for offering phone, TV, and Internet services to residential as well as business customers. The most spread-out Internet connection of CenturyLink is brought to the customers via the DSL connection. However, CenturyLink is also working on expanding its fiber network, which is currently operable in 19 cities.

The Internet service of CenturyLink has a few perks which make it extremely appealing to customers on a budget like no contract, low prices, price lock guarantee, unlimited data, etcetera. However, despite the perks, there are a few problems with CenturyLink as well. The reasons that make CenturyLink unfavorable as an Internet service provider are the unreliable Internet speeds, hard-to-reach customer service executives, and finally fluctuating download speeds.

CenturyLink Internet deals

Currently, there are two CenturyLink Internet deals in function. These are

Simply unlimited Internet

  • This plan can be availed at $50 per month.
  • The download speed is available is up to 100 Mbps
  • It is a DSL connection type

CenturyLink fiber Internet plan

  • This line can be availed at $65 per month.
  • The download speed available with this plan is 940 Mbps.
  • The connection type is fiber optic cable.

Pros and cons of opting for CenturyLink Internet services


  • Availability of unlimited data on all the plans
  • There are no price locks
  • There are no contracts
  • The gig fiber Internet option is available in select cities.


  • Download speeds are very confusing
  • The DSL speeds are not up to the mark
  • The customer service is very poor

Is CenturyLink Internet worth it?

The prices offered by CenturyLink Internet are some of the lowest. Combine a low-price internet with the promise of high speed, and the deal looks extremely lucrative. However, whether or not you can avail of the services of CenturyLink Internet depends on whether CenturyLink Internet is available in your area. If CenturyLink Internet connection is available in your area, you have to check the prices of the different plans. If you get stuck with slow plans like the 15 or 20 Mbps ones, it is not worth opting for CenturyLink Internet.

One good thing about CenturyLink is that it offers the option of fiber Internet to its users. Therefore, CenturyLink can provide Internet speed that is equivalent to the Internet speed provided by other service providers. However, if you compare the DSL connection of CenturyLink with the other ISPs, CenturyLink will lag behind. Therefore, if you’re in a location where only the DSL connections are available, you will be better off looking for other Internet service providers.

No data caps

The best part of CenturyLink Internet plans is that none of the plans come with data caps. The unlimited data option is great for people who are working from home, vlogging, uploading large files, gaming online, etcetera.

CenturyLink also does not include any contract, fees, or additional charge money for equipment. Thus, you can choose to avail of their services for as long as you want and then leave without having to pay any termination fee.

Equipment prices

CenturyLink does not force its customers to purchase their equipment. However, if you do decide to use the modem of CenturyLink Internet, you will have to pay a rent of $15 a month. Alternatively, you can purchase the modem for $200. If you want to use your own equipment, you should first check with CenturyLink Internet if your modem is compatible with the Internet connection or not. For this, you can check the list of compatible modems on the CenturyLink website.

If you are using the fiber plan of CenturyLink Internet, make sure that the modem supports fiber technology and can give you a speed of 940 Mbps. Otherwise, you will be receiving slow Internet speeds despite opting for the highest plan.

Service fees

There is a one-time fee of $59.99 for the installation of the devices at your home. If you are availing of CenturyLink Internet, you should keep an eye out for the promotional offers that are available. Sometimes, these promotional offers also include free installation. Thus, if you do not have to get Internet today itself, you can wait a while to get the free installation.

Customer service

Most customers of CenturyLink do not have good things to say about customer service. Most of them say that they’ve had bad experiences when they’ve had to reach out to the customer service section. Some people never had the technicians show up on the day they were supposed to; some had their appointments canceled for no reason, et cetera. Therefore, it covers the pros and cons and then decides if you want to go for CenturyLink Internet.

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